Over the past decade there has been a tremendous use of mobile phones among the Zambian populous. This has opened new avenues for the financially excluded rural population to access financial services from the comfort of their homes. The mobile phone evolution has also inspired mobile money service providers to reach remote areas that were once financially excluded.


UMINO Community Loan Services operates in Rufunsa and Luangwa District, with customers as coming from as far as 50 kilometers away from UMINO offices. This means that our customers travel for hours just to make loan repayments and often spend approximately K60 (about 4 USD) every month.


Fortunately, UMINO customers can now use MTN Mobile Money to pay their monthly loan instalments from the comfort of their homes. UMINO introduced Mobile Money services to its customers by opening an MTN Agent Line that allows customers to transfer their loan repayments directly from their mobile phones without having to visit Umino offices. It has become even more convenient to make large loan repayments using MTN Mobile Money services, thereby eliminating the risk of losing money in transit.


As a result of this service, there has been an increase in the numbers of customers paying their loan instalments on time as they do not have to leave their shops or business premises every month. Customers can simply transfer money with ease and peace of mind. As UMINO we value our customers and understand that their time is money. Therefore, we, are always encourage them to utilize their time productively by using efficient methods of transacting.



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