Education has been known to increase knowledge levels and improve the standard of living. It is one of the indicators used by the United Nations Development Program to measure general wellbeing of people. In assessing the socio-economic status of the local applicants Umino community loan services check their education attainment on the poverty probability index. From 2017 till date there has been an improvement in the numbers of children attaining secondary school education and tertiary education. Among the inspiring stories Creggy Chibulo and Paul Chimusanya share their experience.


 Creggy Chibulo and Paul Chimusanya reside in Rufunsa district and run a successful Grocery Shop in Mpanshya. Alongside their Grocery shop they are involved in market gardening and sell their farm produce at their grocery Shop. When Umino started its operations in 2017 Creggy Chibulo and Paul Chimusanya saw a signpost along Great East road, they were interested and decided to enquire from people what the company was about. After gaining enough information from their neighbors they were prompted to apply for a loan to aid their Grocery Shop business.


Shortly afterwards, Creggy Chibulo applied for her first loan of K3000 (206.10USD) Which was invested in the grocery business. The loan was cleared and another loan of K8000 (549.60USD) was obtained. At that same time Bruno Chimusanya one of the children completed his Secondary school education from Lukwipa Secondary School and was accepted to study Agricultural sciences. There was a need for the couple to source money for his tertiary education. Most of the profits obtained from the investment were used to pay for his tertiary education at Natural Resources Development College (NRDC). Their Six Children are in grades 12, 11, 10, 7 and pre-school. “Umino has helped us to send our children to school and has greatly improved our standard of living, Bruno Chimusanya is studying Agricultural Sciences and helps out at the garden during vacations the other five children are in school doing respective grades” Creggy Chibulo.


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