Good news to all our clients and potential clients. UMINO has officially opened a new branch in Nyimba district of Eastern Province. Our operations are now in the following districts Rufunsa, Luangwa and Nyimba.

Our goal is to ensure that the local communities in these areas are being empowered through the provision of easily accessible loans with very low interest rate.


To all Nyimba residents, take advantage of this opportunity and increase your business operations by applying for additional finances to boost your stock levels.


Note that we only provide loans to already existing businesses within the above-mentioned localities, additionally we provide loans for agriculture related businesses e.g. Poultry farming, Fish Farming, Rearing Goats, Gardening etc.


Our motto still stands: MICRO-FINANCE FOR A BETTER LIFE!!!


For more information contact our office line provided in the details page. We are here to serve you.🙂

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