Mr. Martin Chimusanya has lived in Rufunsa district for more than 10 years. He is renowned for his commitment and hard work as a Driver. For over 5 years he has been working as a hired driver in the district. Earlier this year, he was awarded a contract to supply building materials to a firm that is constructing a Vocational Trades School in the area. However, in order to actualize this business opportunity, he needed a Canter. He visited Umino Community Loan Services Limited and applied for a loan to finance his business and meet the contractor’s needs.


By funding Mr Chimusanya’s business idea, local marketer’s now have readily available transport to and fro Lusaka at an affordable cost, at their convenience when ordering goods for resale. Umino continues to provide the local business community with life changing financial support. Umino continues delivering as per the motto - MICROFINANCE FOR A BETTER LIFE


In the picture above is Mr Nasilele (CFO), Elvis Lubasi (Senior Loan Officer) and Martin Chimusanya (being handed over the brand new Hino Truck, by Umino)   


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